New Viral Video Of Sarah Sanders Exposes The Terrible Liar In Hilarious Clip Mash-Up


The only way to continue the most dishonest presidency in the history of the United States is to hire the most willingly dishonest mouthpieces to repeat the chosen lies. New video evidence of Trump’s lies being bolstered by his White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sander’s lies is circulating on social media, and the evidence cannot be refuted.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough showed a video mash-up of Donald Trump, H.R. McMaster, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaking on Trump’s reaction to Russian election interference and the poisoning of Russian dissidents living the England. McMasters, on his way out after being replaced by Trump as national security advisor in favor of war criminal John Bolton, called Trump out for his failures on the response to Putin’s clear violations.

McMaster’s statements directly contradicted Trump’s narrative about how tough he’s been on Russia, and Huckabee Sanders told reporters during a press conference that what McMaster really said was quite different than what everyone believed they had heard.

Scarborough ripped into the president over his lies and called out his willing accomplice of a press secretary, as well.

‘Here we have one more example of Sarah Huckabee Sanders lying, and we’ve been talking about what the president’s been doing over the past week…He’s been lying outright about Amazon, he’s been lying about the Washington Post, he’s been lying about Russia, he’s lying about McMaster, now you have, of course, Sarah Huckabee Sanders — two lies there.’

Pointing to specific falsehoods in Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ statements, statements that echo the president’s and are not only false, but a clear attempt at gaslighting, Scarborough continued.

‘McMaster never said that no one’s been tougher on Russia than Donald Trump — that is a lie, full stop. Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied yesterday again — that’s a lie. She also lied when she said that, when she denied that McMaster said the quote was we have failed to hit them enough, and again, she lied about that, as well.’

These efforts to spin a false narrative are not fooling any sane American. No one believes Trump’s insistence that we have a trade deficit with Canada when the agency whose purpose it is to compile the data around this shows that we do not. No one is buying Trump’s insistence that Amazon is the reason the U.S. Postal Service is losing money when economists as well as the postal service itself says that it is not.

No one bought the lie that Trump’s inauguration was the biggest crowd ever to witness such an event, period, either, and Huckabee Sanders has been willing to push Trump’s lies even longer than the press secretary who pushed that ridiculous narrative, Sean Spicer. The problem is that more misinformed Americans are buying these lies, and that is affecting the public discourse and ability to differentiate between fact and fiction in this country.

Daily, it seems this crisis of dishonesty coming from the White House is only getting worse, and Morning Joe has the video evidence to prove it. See the clip that exposes the press secretary’s willingness to lie for President Trump below: