Trump Just Protected Ivanka’s Business From His Trade War With China Like A Criminal


Donald Trump is using the presidency to further enrich himself. His tax scam will save him millions of dollars over time, and since he golfs all the time at his own resorts, on the taxpayer’s dime of course, that’s making him a fortune too. Now that he’s started his ill advised trade war with China, a lot of people figured that it would cost his organization some money considering he and his family do so much business there. A lot of his products are made in China, a couple being his ties and some of his Donald J. Trump suits. His daughter Ivanka has almost all of her clothing line made overseas, where she can take advantage of ultra-cheap labor. So how much will this trade war with China cost the Trump family once it’s all said and done?

The answer is nothing! While Trump was sitting down to compile a list of products to slap tariffs on he conveniently forgot to put textiles on there. So while the cost of doing business for so many other companies just went up, the Trump Organization won’t be bothered by that pesky problem. Oh the price for buying Trump branded products will probably go up too, after all they can blame it on the tariffs, but the price increases will just be an added bonus for them.

Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Ivanka Trump is a walking, talking conflict of interest. Even though she works as a representative of the U.S. government throughout the world, she has never divested herself from the Trump Organization. She’s raking in about a million a year from the family business, even though she shouldn’t be legally allowed to. Trump’s advisors have illegally shilled for her on TV, and she’s sat in on some huge policy meetings that affect U.S. businesses throughout world. One of those businesses is her own, and she shouldn’t be allowed to do that. Things like that lead to corruption.

Just look how her dad handled things when he sat down to make a list of products that would have tariffs slapped on them…he left off ones that would cost his daughter money. That’s just not right!

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