American Taxpayers Forced To Pay For Security On Trump Sons’ Trip & It Was Lavish


The ever braggadocious Donald Trump likes to crow about all his personal wealth to anyone who will listen. He claims that he’s worth $10 billion but really no one knows. One thing we all do know, however, is that he is certainly worth a lot. If he and his family are worth so much, why don’t they start picking up their own security costs while they’re conducting personal business all around the world? Because everywhere they go the Secret Service has to go with them to make sure they stay safe.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

CBS News reported today that Trump’s son’s visit to Dubai will cost,

‘taxpayers a minimum of $73,000 in security costs, according to government purchase orders viewed by CBS News. The purchase orders describe the costs for United States Secret Service agents to stay at hotels close to the Trump property and car service for the trip listed as being from March 26 through April 8.’

The trip is purely for personal business and has nothing whatsoever to do with any work for the government. The Trump sons went there to conduct some business at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai and to visit with one of their Middle East business partners, Hussain Sajwani, and his family. They also attended the wedding of Sajwani’s daughter while there.

Since that’s the case, the Trump Organization should be picking up the security tab themselves, considering the trip will do nothing to benefit the U.S. taxpayers who will be forced to pay for it. But Trump won’t reimburse taxpayers for anything though. He’s using the presidency to further enrich himself and those in his family, and it’s simply not right or just.

The Trump sons aren’t the only Trumps taking money away from hard working Americans though. Jared and Ivanka took a nice vacation to Aspen, Colorado on the taxpayer’s dime during last year’s spring break. Unfortunately the security bill for that trip cost taxpayers $300,000.

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