John Kelly Throws Massive W.H. Tantrum Over Trump’s Poor Leadership Skills


For a man who famously said he knows how to hire the best people, Donald Trump’s hires are certainly jumping ship fast. His administration has a higher turnover rate than any presidential administration in our nation’s history. Is it because the people he hires aren’t really the “best people” or is it because he’s such a terrible leader? Well it’s a mixture of both. He hires unqualified people to fill important posts, a lot of them with questionable morals, and he’s a lousy leader to boot.

(Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Well AXIOS dropped a bombshell today reporting that Chief of Staff John Kelly threatened to quit his post last month. The incident took place after a March 28th meeting in the Oval Office that apparently became heated between Trump and Kelly. Sources told AXIOS that as Kelly was walking back to his office after the dust up he said that he should just quit. Once he got back to his office he even reportedly even started packing up some of his belongings. He was so angry that some of his allies took it upon themselves to call in Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who Kelly really respects, and she talked him off the ledge.

A senior administration official told Axios that calling it a threat was “probably too strong, it was more venting frustration.” However it went down it’s bad news for Trump’s beleaguered administration. It’s been reported that Kelly’s days as Chief of Staff may be numbered anyway. Kelly was brought in to get a handle on the always impulsive Trump, but found that there’s not really much he can do, because Trump refuses to listen to anyone who tries to help him. Then there’s the fact that Trump bristles if anyone sets rules for him to follow, and that’s led to a tense situation between the two.

So could John Kelly be the next one out the door at the White House? Only time will tell.

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