Fox News Star Attempts To Lure Woman At Rally To Come Backstage For Sex (VIDEO)


Fox News host Sean Hannity and ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel have entered into a war of words in the last few days. According to the Decider:

 ‘Jimmy Kimmel is never one to shy away from a fight, and last night, he went all in on Fox News host Sean Hannity. Kimmel’s attack wasn’t unprompted; earlier that day, Hannity attempted to dress down Kimmel for poking fun at Melania Trump’s reading of a children’s book during the White House Easter egg roll. “Jimmy, you’re a despicable disgrace,” said Hannity, playing back Kimmel’s segment from the night before. He proceeded to call him an “ass clown Kimmel”, among other things, which seemed to tickle Kimmel.’

One Twitter user posted this video, showing Hannity’s gross indecency at a coal rally:

Here’s what Twitter thought about Hannity’s actions:

Hannity also accused Kimmel of being “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” Hannity then made a statement that applies much more to himself than it does about Kimmel:

‘I have just had it with the utter hypocrisy — the unrelenting attacks against not only a sitting president, but his wife and his daughter and his 11-year-old son.’

Hannity wrote:

‘Today’s poll: So tonight will @jimmykimmel be 1- Asking 18 year old girls to touch his crotch. 2- Make fun of the First Lady reading books to children. 3- Be a racist a–hole. 4- all of the above?’

Kimmel slammed Hannity back, saying:

‘I vote for whichever one best helps you trivialize the horrors of Harvey Weinstein by comparing them to televised comedy bits in which every woman was a willing participant who gladly signed a release.’

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