NY Post Releases FBI Raid Cover Image So Brutal That Trump Is Firing Up His Legal Team


Donald Trump has had an awful day. Deep in his tiny heart, he knows that Mueller is getting closer and closer to a complete demise of his entire administration. This is the first time in history that the office of special counsel has ordered the raid of legal offices of the president’s personal lawyer.

Now, all that waits to be seen is the deliverance of Muller’s other evidence; the takedown.

The media jumped all over the chance of such juicy content. This includes tomorrow’s newspaper cover pages. Check out this on pre-released by the New York Post:

Just the thought of a sex worker bringing down the crookedness that is Trump’s joke of a presidency is enough to send him into an utter tailspin. Trump knows that it is just a matter of time until he gets that dreaded knock on the door.

The president is so arrogant, he may even believe that he will be spared in the investigation that has already seen multiple indictments, including his former campaign staffer on house arrest for the past 8 months.