Retired Marine General Takes Ivanka To School On Twitter About Her Daddy’s Policies


Former first lady Michelle Obama made it her goal to help children become healthier and end child obesity. She began the “Let’s Move” program in hopes of promoting access to healthier foods and more physical activity for children. All of these important goals seem to be going by the wayside since Trump has been in office due to his detrimental policies.

Ironically, on Sunday, Ivanka Trump issued this tweet about the importance of “promoting healthy lifestyles for America’s youth.”

However, retired Marine General Mark Hertling set the record straight for Ivanka, responding with this:

‘Ummm… there’s this thing called the President’s Council on Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition. Been around 60 years. Used to have 25 appointees… I was one of them. Michelle Obama helped and generated momentum in this area. No one is on the Council now.’

Hertling served 30 years in the U.S. Army before retiring in 2012.

Taking Hertling’s lead, other Twitter users continued to school Ivanka on the matter as well:

As many people too the time to point out to Ivanka, progress would have been made on these issues had Trump taken the time to even do the smallest things, like actually appointing someone to the council responsible for working on those tasks.

One of the largest things Trump and our Republican Congress could have done for children’s health is to continue to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program. According to The Daily Beast:

‘Since Congress failed to reauthorize spending for CHIP by a Sept. 30 deadline last year, House Republicans put a six-year extension of the program into a short-term spending bill, hoping to use it as bait to get Democrats to vote for the larger package. Trump’s stated position, which is confusing as it doesn’t mention this six-year extension, could undermine a process that Democrats had already labeled as a cynical ploy for their votes.’

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