GOP Governor Delivers Ultimate Diss On VP Pence Like A Total Boss – Mike Is Furious


It’s no secret that the Trump administration remains wildly unpopular and contentious, and it’s concurrently no secret that in the face of that widespread unpopularity, Republicans across the country are going to have to account for their association with the president while seeking re-election this year.

Against this backdrop, the Republican governor of Massachusetts has now revealed that he will be skipping a Wednesday fundraiser in his state that will feature, among others, the vice president himself.

Governor Charlie Baker insists that his planned absence is not meant as an effort to distance himself from the Trump administration, saying that it’s just because his “calendar has other stuff on it.” He will be in attendance at the State House early in the day and at a Chamber of Commerce dinner later in the afternoon on Wednesday, according to a spokesperson cited by the Boston Herald.

Even still, Trump allies from inside Baker’s party are not impressed.

For instance, president of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly Mary Lou Daxland commented:

‘To me it’s just insulting. I think that’s absolutely a disgrace that he’s snubbing the vice president.’

Baker has in the past butted heads with the Trump administration and has indicated that he didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, so Daxland isn’t only going on his plans to skip a party fundraiser featuring Pence in commenting as she did.

Baker is one of the many Republicans facing an election later this year; Democrats are hopeful that the left can win a majority in one, if not both Congressional chambers come the midterms, apart from the question of how the many state level races across the country will turn out.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images