Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Responds To Trump’s Arbitration Request Like A Badass


Adult entertainment star and producer, Stormy Daniels, is one smart woman. She hired a pit bull for an attorney, and he has been coming after Donald Trump – hard. When her lawyer goes up against Trump’s lawyer, there is blood on the floor, and it is not Daniels’ attorney’s blood.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, alleged that she had a relationship with the president. Indeed, Trump looked very happy in a photo of the couple that has been making the rounds.

Clifford said that although she was not attracted to the commander-in-chief, she willingly had sex with him. Part of her disclosure was that Trump asked her to spank him with an issue of Forbes Magazine featuring him on the cover.

The trouble started when the GOP candidate realized Clifford was going to go public just prior to the presidential election. Trump’s attorney, the recently raided Michael Cohen, set up a company strictly for the purpose of paying her $130,000.

The actress’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, has been throwing out bits of information about his case like cookie crumbs leading the way to a bear trap. People cannot resist watching as events unfold.

There were some real problems with the contract, including the issue that Trump never signed it. In October 2016, Clifford said that a man threatened her as she was lifting her daughter’s car seat out of her car. The thug said that it would be a shame if something happened to the infant’s mother.

Avenatti asked a federal judge to set aside Trump’s attorney’s motion that would force Clifford to go into arbitration and settle the dispute. Arbitration would guarantee that the issue remained private rather than go public in an open court, but the actress’s attorney said no deal.


Avenatti filed court papers in Los Angeles that requested Trump answer questions about the $130,000 “hush money.” For one thing, that was an odd amount to pay off someone.

Supposedly, Trump’s attorney paid her the money out of his own funds. Cohen said that the president knew nothing about the transaction, which legal experts say is highly unlikely.

For the first time, Trump spoke about Clifford’s accusation. She and Russian president, Vladimir Putin, have been the only two people that 45 has refused to talk about in front of the cameras.

On Air Force One, he said that he knew nothing about the payment. Then, he referred all questions to Cohen. FBI agents just raided Trump’s private attorney’s office and residents.

Avenatti said that since Trump did not sign the contract, even under his alias, according to Reuters:

‘Thus, there never was an agreement to arbitrate.’

The LA lawyer also contradicted Cohen’s argument that the contract’s verbiage did not say Trump had to sign it to make it binding.


Avenatti tweeted:

‘We will continue to fight to keep this case in a public courtroom where sunlight can act as a disinfectant and the search for the truth can flourish.’

In his filing on Sunday, Reuters reported that Avenatti said:

‘If Mr Trump did not supply the funds or did not even know about the funds, this would be another relevant fact demonstrating that he never consented to the settlement agreement.’

Clifford appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes program. Although the president said that he would block the show, it still aired. On the program, she said that she and Trump only had sex once in 2006, but he still contacted her.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Paula Lobo.