BREAKING: 3rd Abrupt Resignation Announced In 6 Hours; W.H. Staffer Is Gone


Despite the fact that an array of scandals continue to occupy the attention of both the White House and the public, there remain substantive moves going down in D.C. that are poised to reshape our foreign policy and the world stage as a whole.

To that end, this week was new presidential national security adviser John Bolton’s first on the job. He replaced Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster in the job, who himself was the president’s second national security adviser. McMaster replaced Michael Flynn, who has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and faced problems well beyond that of losing his job.

Now, this Wednesday, the president’s national security team is continuing to undergo a transformation in the wake of Bolton’s ascent to power. To be clear, this is not a positive transformation considering Bolton’s past demonstrated inclination towards war. He’s pushed for preemptive strikes on both North Korea and Iran.

Now, as the White House continues to fall further under the sway of Bolton’s warmongering tendencies, one of the top National Security Council officials from the tenure of H.R. McMaster as national security adviser has resigned.

CNN reports that deputy national security adviser for strategy Nadia Schadlow submitted her resignation on Tuesday and will stay on through April 27 in order to assist in a smooth transition.

Bolton has himself not announced any major staffing picks as of Wednesday afternoon; for now, people are just leaving.

The president’s longtime and relatively high profile homeland security adviser Tom Bossert was revealed recently to be leaving his position, as was the case for National Security Council Spokesman and longtime Trump supporter Michael Anton, who resigned recently in the face of indications he was soon to be fired.

As for Schadlow, her role in the Trump administration has included being one of those behind the president’s National Security Strategy released late last year. CNN describes her departure as “likely to evoke some concern in foreign policy circles in Washington,” since she has been considered “one of the rare, reliable steady hands guiding foreign policy” in the Trump administration.

In a copy of her resignation letter obtained by CNN, Schadlow praised what she was able to get done while working in the Trump administration, where she rose to the position she’s presently resigning from this January.

She said, speaking to the president:

‘Together, we captured your vision for a strong and confident American and developed your America First National Security Strategy — which turned that vision into a strategic direction for your administration. And I am particularly proud that you were able to submit your NSS to Congress earlier than any previous administration…on time and under budget!’

Outside of the national security field, Schadlow is hardly alone in leaving the Trump administration. This year has seen the departure of everyone from the Secretary of State to the White House communications director.

Meanwhile, the president continues to face serious national security challenges, such as that of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. To the end of addressing that threat, President Trump surprised the world by agreeing earlier this year to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Featured Image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images