Trump Goes Berserk & Launches Into 5 Tweet Super-Rant Like A Maniac On Uppers


Donald Trump’s tweets are usually a reflection of his moods at any given time; there are no attempts to be diplomatic, to unify Americans on any issue, and no finesse whatsoever. His mood on Wednesday, following the raid on his personal attorney’s office by the FBI and his outraged, all-caps tweets the next morning, returned to his normal schoolyard bully nicknames and complaints about “fake news.” There were also some very strange remarks made about Russia.

As one of Trump’s most hated publications, The New York Times has been roundly criticized by the president and, to Trump’s supporters, might as well be ranked lower than The National Enquirer on legitimacy and accuracy. The Trumpsters will surely be up in arms after Trump’s tweet regarding their “fake” reporting on a Skype interview he had with a Ukrainian businessman during the elections who made a rather large contribution to the Trump Organization. Just like Trump, they’ll accuse the Times of lying to discredit the president, and just like Trump, they’ll be wrong about what the longtime trusted news source reported.

‘The event, his first foray into global politics during the campaign, was set up by Doug Schoen, a veteran political consultant and pollster who works with Mr. Pinchuk, according to a person familiar with how the speech was arranged. Mr. Schoen, a frequent Fox News guest, has known Mr. Trump for years and contacted him personally to set it up at the end of August 2015, according to the person.’

Either Trump is intentionally lying to obfuscate the truth behind this meeting, or he didn’t read it and relied on someone else’s retelling (such as Fox & Friends, Trump’s favorite morning show, who work in coordination with Trump to delegitimize every other news source and push his agenda).

Trump’s insistence that there was no “obstruction (other than I fight back)” is a popular refrain from the president’s earlier explanations of why he fired former FBI Director James Comey, asked him to drop an investigation into Trump ally and former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and tried to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Department of Justice, and the FBI. Trump, apparently, doesn’t understand that his version of “fighting back” may constitute obstruction of justice. He is no longer a businessman, but president of the United States, and he has not yet learned the difference.

His tweets on Russia are also odd. The same president who routinely slams other countries tweeted a criticism of Russia and Vladimir Putin, as he has in recent days to give the appearance of being “tough on Russia,” tougher than anyone else ever has been in the history of the world. In another tweet, however, Trump seemed to backtrack and plead understanding of Russia’s need for the United States to “help with their economy.”

President “America First” is suddenly interested in helping a hostile foreign country’s economy. For anyone who thinks that is very strange and out of character for Trump, they would be correct.

Twitter also had a strong reaction to Trump’s Wednesday morning tweets. See some of their comments below:

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