JUST IN: Trump Busted Working With Ex-Russian Spy Like A Spineless Traitor (DETAILS)


It seems that, just as media pundits and experts begin to settle down with the idea that perhaps no collusion occurred between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, yet another puzzling and suspicious clue rears its head. Especially as remarks have been thrown around about the imminent firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or the desires to remove Special Counsel Robert Mueller from his investigation, these discoveries prompt investigators towards another path to look down.

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The latest event that has unfolded in the Trump-Russia collusion case comes from reports of a former Trump business associate having sought the assistance of a former Russian spy, in an attempt to arrange financing for one of Trump’s infamous branded hotels. Although this may seem like another ordinary business scheme, interest has peaked due to the fact that the hotel was not only located in Moscow, but also that the interactions between the former business associate and ex-Russian spy took place in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Reports surrounding the interaction claim that Felix Sater, the former associate, was in contact with a former GRU agent in 2015, as he sought to secure financial assistance from Russian banks for the proposed Moscow development. According to a BuzzFeed article:

‘Sater contacted the former GRU officer in 2015 to help arrange financing… To Sater, the former agent mentioned two banks: GenBank and VTB Bank. State-owned VTB was one of the top financial institutions in Russia for real estate projects at the time, but it was also on the US Treasury Department’s sanctions list. The former Russian agent told Sater that he could get financing through VTB Bank, but it is unclear how far negotiations may have progressed.’

Both the aforementioned banks did not respond immediately to requests for comments, although both have previously denied having played any role in the Trump World Tower Moscow project.

The former GRU officer, who’s identity has not been revealed for security purposes, also helped obtain invitations to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2016, for both Sater, as well as the now infamous Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney and recent focal point of federal investigations.

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Neither Cohen nor Sater attended the economic conference, however, as the Moscow project was put on hold until after the 2016 Republican National Convention, and ultimately halted following Trump’s victory in the election, as his real estate business claimed they will no longer be seeking international deals.

Sater has already undergone extensive questioning regarding his role in the Moscow project and interactions with the ex-agent, not only by the special counsel, but also by Intelligence Committee investigators in both the House and Senate.

In an interesting and puzzling twist, however, the ex-agent has been acknowledged for his role in providing key intelligence to the U.S. government regarding issues of Russian military technology, locations of al Qaeda training camps and facilities, providing photos of North Korean nuclear proliferation, and Osama bin Laden’s satellite phone numbers. The aforementioned information was passed along from the ex-GRU agent through Sater, acting as a middleman between the ex-agent and US government officials.

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