New Poll Shows Trump Is Losing The Battle To Discredit Comey Ahead Of Book Tour


Donald Trump attacked Former FBI Director James Comey on Twitter today. He is extremely upset about Comey’s upcoming book entitled A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership. Trump knows that Comey has skewered him yet again, thus he’s going to throw a public temper tantrum about it in an attempt to negate everything Comey says about him. Trump thinks he can sway public favor in his direction with his taunts and childish name calling. But the majority of people haven’t fallen for Trump’s grade school games.

Today The Washington Post released their poll about who the public finds more believable…and the results are in. Most people find James Comey more believable than Donald Trump by a 3-to-2 margin, 48 percent to 32 percent. That must burn Trump’s butt considering everything he’s done to discredit Comey.

Trump posted this today on Twitter.

But Trump was wrong yet again, because The Washington Post poll asked about that very subject, and the majority of people disapproved of Trump firing Comey, with 47 percent saying they disapproved and 33 percent saying they approved. It seems that if Trump can find even one person who agrees with him, then he equates that to everyone agreeing with him. How childish can this guy get. It’s like we’re dealing with a petulant child instead of the president of the United States.

Trump is a clueless twit and he should be embarrassed by his words and actions. While James Comey made mistakes as the Director of the FBI, there’s been no evidence that he’s a leaker and a liar. Instead most of what we’ve heard him say is very believable. We all know that Trump demands loyalty from his subjects, so we can all believe that Trump demanded that same from James Comey. When Comey refused to swear fealty to Trump, that put the nail in his coffin, and led to Trump firing him. The majority of people believe that to be so. So be prepared for a huge backlash from the White House. They’re going to be doing nothing but diparaging James Comey for the foreseeable future.

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