Trump Just Asked His Friends To Go On Television & Beg Him To Fire Robert Mueller


Donald Trump is so dirty he should give himself one of his childish nicknames. Perhaps Dirty Donald, or maybe even Don the Con which could serve two purposes when, or if, he gets convicted of one of his alleged crimes. The latest news from the Russia investigation certainly hasn’t been happy for team Trump. His former attorney, Michael Cohen, just got raided by the Justice Department and they’ve apparently turned up a lot of damning information against Trump. It’s been reported that Cohen likes to record a lot of his phone conversations, so the DOJ must have hit the mother lode with those.

Michael Cohen looks like he saw a ghost. It was only someone from the Department of Justice coming for him though. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

That’s why Trump has been forced to turn to his friends for help. He’s asked at least one friend to go on the news networks and publicly beg him to fire Robert Mueller. Unfortunately for him the friend he asked for help turned around and leaked the information to CBS News. Trump must really be grasping at straws now, and is in fear of going down for collusion with Russia, or obstruction of justice.

Another big hit to team Trump is the fact that Cohen was the one who set up the hush money payment to adult actress Stormy Daniels. Trump has denied that he knew anything about it. But if Cohen recorded those calls it could lead to big trouble for Trump. The New York Times reported that Trump’s advisors have said that he see’s the inquiry into Cohen as a greater threat than Mueller’s investigation. He must realize that the hush money paid to Daniels is a campaign violation and could be enough to take him down.

Trump should have expected all these legal problems when he decided to run for president. He’s been sued too many times to count, and is very corrupt in the eyes of the majority of the people. When someone conducts themselves in a corrupt manner, they can, no they should expect to get called on it eventually. That’s what happening to Donald Trump right now. He’s being investigated for his corrupt practices and if he had any common sense at all he should have seen this coming the day he announced his candidacy.

Featured Image via Getty Images