Ivanka Represents U.S. During Peru Visit, Says ‘Buenos Di-Ass’ Like A Damn Fool (VIDEO)


When Donald Trump abruptly fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on a whim, the shortsighted decision left one of the most important cabinet positions unfilled. Since Trump acted impulsively, there was no plan in place to quickly fill the vacancy.

Trump did announce his intention to nominate Mike Pompeo (current head of the CIA) for the position, but confirmation hearings are only now beginning.

This is not the best time to lack a robust state department. True currently has fragile relationships with our usual allies, like the UK, France, Germany, Mexico, and South Korea. Not to mention the current conflict in Israel, the promised summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, and the mess that is Syria at the moment.

Since Tillerson’s exit, there’s been an unofficial stand-in taking his place in important global meetings. Who could it be?

Unfortunately for Ivanka, having flawless skin does not qualify one to be de facto Secretary of State. Even more unfortunately for Ivanka, there are several other things standing in her way. First of all, as helpfully pointed out by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington:

That’s right. Don’t forget that Ivanka has yet to receive full security clearance as required by her job as a presidential aide. This hasn’t stopped her from carrying out hugely important foreign relations tasks.

It began in South Korea:

If her lack of qualifications were the only problem with her standing in as Secretary of State, it could be theorized that perhaps she could learn on the job and maybe be an effective stand-in. There are several other problems (approximately 31 million of them) that cast doubt on her ability to represent the best interests of the United States:

Featured image: ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty