Melania Tweets Saturday AM Message About The Military & Regrets It In 3 Minutes Flat


When it comes down to it, the Trump administration has not been on the side of the American people when it comes to a whole host of issues. The president has disenfranchised large portions of the population through such means as his attacks on the nations health care system and his attacks on minorities.

Against this backdrop, the president authorized strikes against the Syrian regime on Friday night under the pretense of responding to a recent chemical weapons attack carried out against the Syrian people.

However, even in the face of the questionably legal strikes, it is not as though the vast majority of Americans have suddenly decided to ignore the overall scope of the presidential foreign policy in favor of joining up with the president and his allies.

In that light, when the first lady took to Twitter this Saturday to offer praise of the military, her messages were not exactly met with the warmest reception. After all, the military action that her husband authorized on Friday, while addressing the acute issue of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons, stands to drag us further into a conflict that we are not prepared for.

The Saturday morning Twitter messages from the first lady went up in honor of the “month of the military child,” although they also come in the direct wake of the strikes her husband authorized Friday night.

The two tweets together read:

‘Thank you to the strong & courageous members of our U.S. military all over the world! Your continued contributions & commitment to the safety of our great nation will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. And to all military families, especially the children, thank you for your sacrifice.’

The tweets are a rare public statement from the first lady, who has taken a very backseat approach to her position. After some time had elapsed since she had first revealed the topic to be of interest to her, she finally got around to holding a summit at the White House about the issue of cyberbullying earlier this year.

As for what her husband has done on the topic she is addressing in her latest tweets, his strikes on Syria Friday night, which were carried out with the cooperation of the United Kingdom and France, come the year after he carried out a similar strike in response to a chemical weapons attack carried out by the Assad regime.

Instead of a more nuanced approach, the president has chosen to stand on the sidelines and fire into the void, so to speak. Although the Syrian regime has murdered countless Syrians with conventional weapons, only when chemicals were recently employed did we decide to rush into the conflict. The whole thing reeks of something that was come up with on the fly and was meant to take control of the news cycle away from negative Trump stories as much as anything.

As for other military related issues, the president has often touted his push for increased funding for our Armed Forces, although he countered that at one point with a reported behind the scenes entertaining of the idea of using military funds to pay for the wall he has long sought to go up in between us and Mexico.

Check out the response from Twitter to Melania Trump’s latest contribution to this hypocrisy below.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images