Pentagon Officials Make Post-Syria Bombing Russian Bot Announcement On LIVE TV


Russia has long been involved in manipulating the opinions of Americans. It’s an undisputed fact that Russia sponsored online activities geared to changing public sentiment during the U.S. elections. According to an exhaustive report by The New York Times, the efforts began in 2014 when two Russians canvased the U.S. to gain political intelligence. These agents worked for the Internet Research Company, and were headquartered in Russia.

An F.B.I. agent with direct knowledge of these campaigns went on the record, tying these efforts directly to Putin and Russia’s government:

‘Clinton Watts… said that he had no doubt that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was behind the effort, which was carried out by companies controlled by his friend and ally, Yevgeny V. Prigozhin.’

Members of this trolling group have been officially charged in Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation.

Today, the Pentagon confirmed that these trolls are still actively working to change American’s opinions on Russia and President Vladimir Putin:

That’s right. Russian bots are kicking into high gear. This isn’t just the opinion of a few people in the Pentagon. Russian bot activity is precisely tracked by Hamilton 68, a bipartisan project independent from politicians and governmental institutions.

The “Top Topics” tracked by Hamilton 68 show that in the last 48 hours, Russian bots are talking solely about the U.S. strike on Syria:

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Jeff Seldin, a National Security Correspondent, broke down the numbers even further with staggering results:

This morning, one astute observer (and professional systems analyst) pointed out an interesting fact about the spike in troll activity:

Featured image: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty