Comey Just Responded To Trump’s AM Rant With A Classy Twitter Takedown Like A Boss


James Comey’s long-awaited interview airing tonight may just be the catalyst that propels Donald Trump over the cliff of sanity and into the belligerent abyss. That’s what liberals are hoping, at least. After more than a year of total ignorance throughout the current cabinet, Americans are beyond fed up, and sick of being the butt of jokes worldwide. Liberals are saddened by the current representation the United States has, and long for a day when the nation is respected again.

Excerpts from Comey’s interview have been all over the media, and if they’ve saved the truly salacious stuff for last, we can expect a pretty uncomfortable evening all around.

Trump is so frazzled by the interview clips that he went on a complete tirade on Twitter Sunday morning, mere hours before the interview airs.

Now, Comey has fired back on Twitter, in a calm response to Trump’s psychotic mega-rant. Check out what he had to say below:

Oh, we will be reading it, alright.