French President Releases Trump/Syria Statement That Has Americans Scratching Their Heads


After concerns arose surrounding the growing tensions between the United States and Russia regarding the possibility of an American-led military strike in Syria, many expected and feared retaliation from the Kremlin when the attack was carried out Friday night. Fortunately, however, Putin’s claims that he would shoot down any missiles headed towards Syria were ultimately unfounded, as the Pentagon announced the next morning that the operation to destroy three of Bashar Al-Assad’s weapons facilities was successful.

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In the aftermath of the joint operation that was carried out by the United States, France, and Great Britain, attention started focusing on the bigger picture at hand, and what the Trump administration’s policy toward Syria would become following the strike. Roughly a week before the attack, Trump had stated his intentions to bring home all remaining U.S. troops still stationed in Syria, and cease all military engagement in the country. However, new reports now claim that French President Emmanuel Macron has persuaded Trump to keep troops in Syria for the long-haul, convincing him that the U.S. military presence is necessary to ensure solution to the Syria problem.

President Trump has yet to respond directly to the claims made by Macron that U.S. troops would remain in Syria until the end of the conflict, stirring further confusion as to the administration’s policy toward Syria moving forward, and whether or not they even have a clear strategy.

The joint military strike that took place on Friday was an attempt to send a clear message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, after reports emerged that he had again conducted a chemical weapons attack against his own people in the town of Douma. This was not the first time Assad had used chemical weapons, as numerous accounts of such heinous attacks have been noted since the start of the Syrian conflict.

Although only time will tell whether Assad’s chemical weapons were fully destroyed, dependent on Syria’s capacity to carry out the attacks in the future, it is nevertheless a clear message that the international community will no longer tolerate these apparent crimes against humanity to be carried out without confrontation.

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