Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Drops Michael Cohen/Wiretapping Bombshell – Buckle Up


On the home front, in the face of our Friday night military intervention in Syria, waged alongside the United Kingdom and France, the scandal of the Trump team’s massive payout of hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels is continuing to rage.

One of the latest developments in that scandal was this past Monday’s FBI raids of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen’s home, office, and hotel room. Authorities were looking for items that included documents relating to the payment to Daniels.

There was a court hearing this past Friday on the case that turned out to be inconclusive — Cohen didn’t even show up. Someone who was there, however, is Michael Avenatti, who is working as an attorney for Daniels. He has gained some notoriety at this point for his ardent defense of his client against the lies and belligerence of the Trump team.

Avenatti appeared on CNN this Saturday to discuss the ordeal, and he had some new details to go over with host Anderson Cooper.

For one, he confirmed that it’s a possibility that Daniels herself could show up to the Monday court hearing that the judge in the case ordered. (Cohen has been ordered to be in attendance at that time.)

Avenatti told Cooper:

‘It’s really ultimately going to be up to [Daniels] as to whether she wants to attend. She feels very passionately about this case and wants to ensure these documents are handled appropriately and also wants to ensure that the American people understand that her goal is to make this process as public as possible as it relates to the disclosure of facts and information — so it’s a pretty important issue for her.’

Check out the video below.

Avenatti also addressed reports that the federal government had seized recordings from Cohen of conversations between himself and at least Keith Davidson, who formerly worked as Daniels’ attorney. He insisted that if reports are accurate and such tapes do exist, he is keen on the idea of bringing another claim against the president’s lawyer for wiretapping.

Avenatti also shared that Judge Kimba Wood, who is presiding over the case, confronted Cohen’s legal team during the Friday hearing with questions that they were not able to provide the “most simple answers” in response to. Against that backdrop, as mentioned, the parties involved in this issue will be reconvening in court on Monday.

Cohen’s issues are broad at this point; he has been reported to be under investigation for crimes ranging from campaign finance law violations to bank fraud. He is also facing a new report suggesting that he did, in fact, go to Prague in late 2016, where he is alleged to have met with Russian officials to coordinate their alleged cooperation with the Trump campaign.

Avenatti told Anderson Cooper Saturday that during the recent hearing, he learned that the government had seized some thirty years worth of records from Cohen as a part of their investigation of him.

The president, who is no doubt Cohen’s most prominent client, bemoaned the fact on Twitter recently that attorney-client privilege is supposedly dead considering the government’s raid of his client.

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That privilege, however, ends if crimes were committed.

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