BREAKING: Judge Forces Reveal Of Trump Lawyer’s Secret Celebrity Client (DETAILS)


An atomic bombshell just dropped in a New York City courtroom. The reverberations of this will shake the foundations of both American politics and right-wing media.

The hearing today was concerning the government’s seizure of documents from the office, home, and hotel room of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Cohen is desperately trying to keep the content of the seized documents private. His latest attempt to do so was by claiming attorney-client privilege. Trump himself sent lawyers to try and convince the judge that these documents should be given to him to sort through, since they contained privileged communications between a lawyer (Cohen) and a client. As part of his defense, he made public his client list.

Except for one client. In court, Cohen’s lawyers claimed that they wanted to protect the client’s privacy, describing the client as a “publicly prominent individual.” Prosecutors for the Southern District of New York requested that Cohen be forced to publicly disclose his client list.

The judge agreed. Cohen was forced to admit his client:

That’s right. It’s Sean Hannity.

It’s important to note that we have several good clues as to the nature of Hannity’s legal troubles. Michael Cohen seems to have a specialty. He cleans up after affairs.

Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels

First of all, the matter that kicked off increased scrutiny on Cohen was the Stormy Daniel’s payoff. It is completely undisputed that Cohen drafted a contract that bought Daniel’s silence regarding her affair with Donald Trump. He claims the $130,000 was his own money and that Donald Trump was not involved. Even if that were to be true, Cohen’s involvement was clearly an attempt at mitigating fallout from a prominent man’s sexual escapades.

Elliott Broidy and unnamed Playboy model

Broidy served with Cohen as the chair of the RNC finance committee. He, like Trump, had an affair. This affair (which he admitted paying for) produced a child in 2017, who Broidy paid to have aborted. Cohen drafted the contract, which gave the woman $1.6 million in exchange for ending the pregnancy and staying silent.

The Hannity connection

With the evidence of Cohen’s other contracts during the same period, it’s a good guess that his representation of Sean Hannity was in a matter concerning sexual impropriety. The most possible scenario is that the claims made against Hannity in 2017 by Debbie Schlussel (a former guest of his) were in fact true.

Hannity reportedly invited her to his hotel room, and when she demurred actually threatened her with this:

‘Later, Schlussel told NBC News, “he called and yelled at me and said, ‘I don’t know if I can have you on my show with me.”‘

She was indeed blacklisted from Fox News after the incident.

Hannity has already been tightly connected with other aspects of the Trump administration. He appeared in the White House briefing room immediately after Trump’s inauguration. He has also been revealed to have a close relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Additionally, Hannity frequently dines with Trump. Maybe they’re discussing their shared legal troubles?

Featured image: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty