BREAKING: Top Cyber Security Official Flees Inept Trump Administration Suddenly


Donald Trump must be the most inept leader the world has ever seen. The “best people” he’s hired certainly don’t work for him for very long. In fact Trump’s White House has more turnover than your average McDonald’s restaurant. We’ve grown used to his people leaving at an astonishing rate, and today brought yet another person’s resignation.

Rob Joyce, a top cyber security official on the National Security Council, has tendered his resignation so he can return to his job at the NSA. Trump’s press secretary Sarah Sanders later confirmed the development, adding that Joyce has agreed to remain on “as needed to provide continuity and facilitate the transition with his replacement.”

Reuters reported that “his departure follows that of his boss, Tom Bossert, who oversaw Joyce’s work on cyber security and was pushed out of the administration last week.”

One senior U.S. official said Joyce was leaving the White House of his own volition and not being forced out by Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton, or other personnel.

That announcement makes it sound like Trump doesn’t want to get the blame for Joyce leaving. More than likely Joyce simply doesn’t want to have to work under the always calm, cool and collected John Bolton.

Joyce was well liked by cyber security experts and got a lot of the credit for steering the Trump administration toward imposing harsh penalties on other countries when they conducted cyber attacks against us.

The announcement of his departure came a few hours after he other U.S. and UK officials briefed reporters on this weekend’s cyber attack that targeted routers and other networking equipment. They found that Russian government backed hackers were the culprit in the latest attacks. Maybe that’s why Joyce decided to leave the administration…he didn’t want to be the one to tell Trump that Russia must be penalized for what they’ve done. Maybe he didn’t want to be around to hear Trump make excuses for not imposing sanctions…again.

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