Trump Acts A Complete Fool During First On-Camera Appearance Since Comey Interview


Donald Trump did not do his traditional act of playing to working-class Americans when he appeared before a Republican establishment crowd in Florida. Just a week ago, the president looked at his prepared script and threw it up into the air, calling it “boring.” This crowd wanted something else.

He appeared as focus speaker at a business roundtable in an area with many Cuban-American Republicans. They supported him in the 2016 presidential election. His speech was carried live on YouTube.

Trump did retain his salesman schtick of exaggeration, embellishment, and excess. He boasted about his attack on Syria, he said it was “perfectly carried out.” The commander-in-chief did not mention he wanted completely out of Syria the week before.

He also managed to slip in a perennial crowd-pleaser, referring to the “fake news media.”

Trump was particularly proud of dismantling all of President Barack Obama’s regulations. He said “we’re not finished:”

‘We’ve cut regulations at a level never seen in the history of our country….and we’re not finished yet. We think that things that take two decades to pass should take two years. We want fast approvals, (and) many, many jobs.’

Then, the president pointed toward destroying regulations as the reason for the low unemployment. He did not mention that many American jobs were low paying with few benefits. Instead, he said:

‘(Deregulation) is why the job numbers are through the roof.’

The president pointed toward infrastructure jobs and how his role in removing regulations impacted those jobs:

‘They’re infrastructure, roads. Big building projects where I wasted five, six years to get approved. ‘

After addressing his accomplishments in Syria and in deregulation, he moved onto his tax cuts. He said his tax plan was “massive:”

‘We cut regulations, cut taxes. (Deregulation) as important as our tax cut.  The tax plan is massive…tremendous.’

Trump said the tax cuts were “creating choice:”

‘Tax cuts for a family are creating choice. This is a different kind of choice. Choice for jobs. One job. People are hiring. Wages for first time in 18 years, are going up. Congratulations. Enjoy your money.’