Trump’s Most Hated Newspapers Win Joint Pulitzer Prizes & Donald Is Freaking Out


Donald Trump is so scared of the accurate reporting at The New York Times, that he routinely calls them “failing” in an attempt to keep his supporters from reading their paper. But truth be known, The New York Times and The New Yorker too are top-notch news organizations. In fact they’re so good that the papers won a joint Pulitzer Prize for public service for their reporting on all the sexual harassment that goes on in Hollywood and other industries.

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Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey were recognized for their reporting at the Times, while Ronan Farrow won for The New Yorker. Their in-depth reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment and assault over decades triggered an avalanche of other accusations against dozens of big names we’ve all heard of.

Their articles were so good that they effectively ended the career of Harvey Weinstein, and had a lot to do with the #MeToo movement becoming a household name. After the first accusations against Weinstein hit the papers, dozens of other actresses came forward with accusations of their own. People had accused Weinstein of sexual harassment before, but they never had the pull, the resources or physical proof to get their stories in the papers. But Twohey, Kantor and Farrow were able to put together enough strong evidence to make it past their editors, and have their articles published. That really impressed the Pulitzer committee.

The reason the Pulitzer committee saw fit to give them the public service award, and not an investigative award, was because of all the good that came from their articles. After their articles were published, hundreds of accusations were made against some very powerful men. Men from every upper echelon industry, including actors, media bigwigs, and even a bunch of politicians. The good work that Kantor, Twohey and Farrow did brought about a lot of change for a lot of people, and it stopped a lot of sexual harassment and assault right in its tracks. They deserved the Pulitzer considering their work brought about a much needed change in this country.

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