Federal Court Hands Down Devastating Ruling – Trump Administration Broke The Law


Donald Trump is throwing an all out tantrum after a federal court of appeals stuck it to him in a way that has, arguably America’s most racist leader, on the verge of a complete psychotic breakdown. Trump has already taken to Twitter to rant about the decision handed down just moments ago.

According to POLITICO:

“A three-judge panel—all of whom are Republican appointees—ruled that there were strong indications that the administration exceeded its legal authority in trying to implement the new conditions without approval from Congress.”

This is huge, considering Trump has pushed the boundaries of his legal abilities numerous times, with no true consequences to those actions. The publication continues:

“In a strongly worded opinion, Judge Ilana Rovner said allowing federal agencies to add conditions to grant funds without explicit congressional authority could lead toward “tyranny.””

Rovner wrote an opinion on the case that was shared by Judge William Bauer:

“The Attorney General in this case used the sword of federal funding to conscript state and local authorities to aid in federal civil immigration enforcement. But the power of the purse rests with Congress, which authorized the federal funds at issue and did not impose any immigration enforcement conditions on the receipt of such funds. It falls to us, the judiciary, as the remaining branch of the government, to act as a check on such usurpation of power.”

Another judge, however, said that he would limit the ruling to only protect the city that filed the suit, Chicago. Is this to ensure that every city will have to take the administration to court in order to be protected? Likely so.

Judge Daniel Manion said Thursday that:

“The nationwide injunction is simply unnecessary here. Other jurisdictions that do not want to comply with the Notice and Access conditions were not parties to this suit, and there is no need to protect them in order to protect Chicago. An injunction, particularly a preliminary injunction, is an extreme remedy. A nationwide preliminary injunction is more extreme still. One should only be issued where it is absolutely necessary, and it is far from absolutely necessary here.”

Trump’s almost instant explosion on Twitter is going viral fast as people scramble to find out what the White House loon is ranting about now. Check him out below:

The internet reaction is simply insane. Check out the craziness below: