Laura Ingraham Throws Guest Off Show After He Mocks Her For Losing Advertisers (VIDEO)


According to Laura Ingraham, the Fox News host whose show is hemorrhaging advertising revenue after she mocked 17-year-old mass shooting survivor David Hogg, is a prime example of being able to dish it out but not take it, as she proved during a segment on her show Wednesday night.

Ingraham invited two guests onto her show to discuss immigration reform, a topic Fox News pushes non-stop during its programming and on Twitter. One was Dr. Enrique Morales, the founder and director of the non-profit organization Border Angels ‘that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice.’

The other was John Cox, a Republican candidate for governor in California. Cox said on Ingraham’s show he opposes sanctuary city policies because no one “wants gang members and drug runners living next door to them.” He even pointed to Morales, who is a Mexican immigrant to the United States, and said that he wouldn’t want that, either.

After being insulted in such a racist manner with the insinuation that undocumented immigrants are to be equated with gang members and drug runners, Morales bristled.

‘I don’t know who this guy is. Who is this guy? Who is this Cox guy? I never ever heard of him.’

Ingraham put on her Christian face and told Morales that God blesses him, but she went on to be hypocritical and scold the guest for being “rude and nasty.” To be clear, the man who had just been told that people who look like him should be considered dangerous criminals that he was being rude and nasty and not the racist who had just committed a quick soundbite of race-baiting.

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‘To say ‘who is he?’ I’m sure he doesn’t know who you are. So who cares? If the conversation — which is why we actually invited you on the show, to have a conversation — about a topic that’s really important—’

Morales interjected to point out that rudeness and nastiness are all just a part of Ingraham’s show.

‘Where’s your sponsors? David Hogg got rid of half of them. High school kids shut you down.’

Ingraham brushed off the question and went on an attack against “the left,” without acknowledging that Morales is not on any political party’s side, but has dedicated his life to protecting human rights violations against those coming into the country to escape poverty and war and offer their children not only the possibility for a better future, but the opportunity to simply live.

‘Poor Enrique is trying to make waves. And the sad thing is this is how the left operates.’

Morales shot that down, saying “I’m not on the left,” and Ingraham threw some snark by thanking him for his “insightful” comments and then turned off his video feed.

Apparently, asking what qualifications a person has to make hateful, racist comments is “rude and nasty,” but making a 17-year-old high school student whose friends have been shot to death and survived is just good journalism. So says Laura Ingraham and Fox News.

This is how the right operates.

For video of the exchange, see below:

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