Trump Busted Telling Russia About No Sanctions Five Days Before His UN Ambassador


Trump’s loyalty to Russia seems to know no bounds. Despite criticism of his failure to impose sanctions unanimously agreed upon by Congress for their efforts to upend the 2016 presidential elections, Trump continues to bow to Russia at every opportunity.

The latest piece of information to add to the growing list that flies in the face of Trump’s assertions that he’s been tougher on Russia than any president ever came from CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Twitter.

The tweet may seem like just another example of Trump’s love for Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the timing adds a whole new level of scandal. Trump told the Russians he wouldn’t impose new sanctions a full two days before informing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Haley was humiliated on Tuesday, two days after Trump’s conversation with Russian officials, when she had announced the new Russian sanctions on Sunday political talk shows only to find that she had not been informed that Trump changed his mind about this critical policy decision. When Larry Kudlow, Trump’s new chief economic advisor, announced that no new sanctions would be imposed, he explained that Haley’s comments on Sunday were the result of “momentary confusion,” Haley shot back, saying “with all due respect, I don’t get confused.”

CNN further reports that:

‘The reasons why Haley refused to take the heat for Sunday’s miscommunication became clearer on Tuesday and Wednesday, with three administration officials telling CNN that Trump changed his mind on imposing additional sanctions on Russia. That policy shift wasn’t communicated to Haley before her appearance on Sunday talk shows where she said new sanctions were on the way, the officials said.
‘Sanctions would typically be announced by the Treasury secretary or the White House. The communications breakdown in this instance underscores the administration’s frequent difficulty in coordinating a coherent policy message.’
Twitter reacted with stunned surprise to Acosta’s reporting. See some of their comments below:

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