Trump Thursday Hate-Tweets Protectors Of Immigrants Like A Low-Rate Stalin Wannabe


Trump is at it again. The orange wonder has taken to Twitter again Thursday morning to talk smack, as per the usual. Trump is, without a doubt, the most troublesome president to ever occupy the White House, degrading the American standard of morals and ethics.

This time, the state of California has set off the president. Unwilling to partake in the his blatant abuse of power in sending National Guard troops to the Mexican border, California has set a precedent for other states not exactly wanting to go along with these ridiculous orders.

First, Trump tweeted this gem:

Minutes later, Trump followed up with this:

Trump is completely talking out his ass here. According to the State of California’s Department of Justice website, crime in California is actually going down.

The internet reaction to Trump’s tweets were equally disturbing and hilarious. Check out the best ones below: