Ex-Forbes Reporter Reveals How Trump Lied To Get On 400 Richest List & It’s Pathetic


President Donald Trump has marked his time in office with incessant lying to the point of having been documented to have lied literally thousands of times in the comparatively short time that he’s been in office.

As it turns out, that lying is not a new thing for him. He has long fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole of lies that he would struggle to get himself out of, if he cared to.

It’s already become known that, as one example of this trend, the president made up a fake public relations employee for himself named John Barron and called Forbes magazine, posing as that fake PR person.

Now, the reporter with whom he spoke all those years ago in 1984, Jonathan Greenberg, has come out with another detail of his 1984 interaction with Trump. According to the reporter, Trump lied to him about his net worth in order to secure a spot on the magazine’s list of the 400 richest people in the world. Greenberg says that in reality, Trump had no place on that list when considering his actual net worth.

Concurrent to his new allegations against the president, The Washington Post has released audio of the call between Greenberg and Trump/Barron. Greenberg appeared early Friday on CNN’s New Day to discuss his conclusion that not only had Trump lied about his identity, but he also lied about his net worth.


He told host Chris Cuomo:

‘No one could imagine the unimaginable. No one could imagine that someone would do something like this — call as their own PR person. I heard about Trump and I looked into my files… and I thought I’d like to see those tapes about the Forbes 400 and the rich list and I looked and I thought — this is John Barron. And when I heard them I thought — these things were much better crafted lies than I thought. That led me to further research about how much was he really worth in ’82, ’83, and ’84 — and it was under $5 million. I put him down for a hundred million dollars. He should never have been there in the first place.’

The president has lied about his net worth in the time since, then, too. He claimed, for example, during the 2016 presidential campaign that he was worth more than $10 billion, but most of that wealth, he has said, comes from the supposed value of his “brand.”

Tying this all together Friday morning, Greenberg told Cuomo:

‘He is a consummate conman. He understood what I was doing… and he figured out what he had to do in order to deceive me and get onto that list — and he did it very well.’

Check out the video below.

The same could be said of Trump’s rise to power. He had no experience in public service before aiming to be tapped for the highest office in the entire country, and the very foundation of his campaign put him at odds with what has come to define the United States.

Even still, through a campaign of deceit, the angry businessman Donald Trump was able to secure a spot as the nation’s leader. It’s a pathetic state of affairs when the president of the United States has a history of lying about some of the most basic aspects to himself, like his net worth.

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