Trump Gets Very Unhappy Welcome Upon Arrival In Highly Liberal Key West (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has had a very bad Friday; so bad, in fact, that it got progressively worse as the day rattled on. It all started yesterday when Trump arrived in the Florida Keys. Trump may have won the state of Florida during the election, but one place he didn’t win is the southernmost part of the Keys. That area is extremely liberal, and a safe haven for homosexuals and just anyone a little different than the societal norm.

So, when Trump’s motorcade drove through on Thursday as Trump arrived at the Conch Republic, the residents of this little area weren’t keen on letting him slip through unscathed. Check out the video¬†below and turn up your sound.

WARNING NSFW: If you have small children around, beware of vulgar language.

This led into Trump’s ridiculous Friday.

Trump is getting to the point that he knows he could be dragged away in handcuffs at any moment. Very soon will the time come that Trump is faced with the same decision Richard Nixon had to make, do I resign? Or do I go down fighting?

Hopefully, once he understands the full legal ramifications (how he doesn’t already, no one knows) of what he’s doing and how exactly he should carry on in a way that won’t end him up in federal prison, he will stop acting like a damn fool and go back to Manhattan.