BREAKING: Playboy GOP Governor Indicted A Second Time In True Trumpster Fashion


Another day, another indictment. GOP politicians are dropping like flies, whether they are state or national politicians.

The latest scandal has hit the state of Missouri, where Republican Governor Eric Greitens is facing the consequences of both corruption and sexual crimes. The first accusations that hit were connected to his affair with a hair stylist. This wasn’t a garden-variety family man having an affair that you’d expect.

It was a darker and more sinister crime:

‘She went to Mr. Greitens’s home on his invitation one morning, where he suggested that they work out together; then he blindfolded her, taped her hands to pull-up rings and began kissing her. He then tore off her shirt, pulled down her pants and took a picture of her with his cellphone.’

Taking an explicit photo of someone without their consent. She later said that he used the photo as a threat, demanding her silence. This was the story behind his first felony charge, which was filed in February.

His second felony was connected to campaign finance. The investigation into this matter was completely separate. Missouri AG Josh Hawley has delved into Greitens’ involvement in his charity. According to Salon, the A.G. accused Greitens of using the charity to obtain donor information, then illegally transferring that list to his political campaign:

‘Mr. Greitens used that list for political fundraising he transmitted that list for political fundraising without permission of The Mission Continues. If proven, these acts could amount to the unauthorized taking and use of property — in this case electronic property. Under Missouri law, this is known as computer tampering and given the value of the list in question, it is a felony.’

Despite the myriad allegations against him, Greitens still has an “R” behind his name, so he still enjoys considerable popularity with other Republicans in Missouri.

‘Greitens has a 63 percent approval rating with Republican voters; only 20 percent disapprove.’

Featured image: Craig Barritt/Getty