Michael Moore Just Sprayed Tainted Flynt Water All Over Michigan’s Capitol (VIDEO)


When the news that Flint, Michigan’s water supply was absolute poison, Americans nationwide were shocked at just how irresponsible Michigan’s state government had been especially when it was discovered children were suffering from health problems directly related to drinking the filthy, tainted water.

The long-term effects of the “drinking” water on children is yet to be seen. However, young children are suffering hand-eye coordination issues, memory problems, and stunted growth.

It’s water that government officials, local and state level, would never drink. However, the people of Flint were allowed to drink it. That’s why film-maker Michael Moore took to his hometown to make a point.

In a time when the news cycle no longer pays attention to the Flint water crisis, Moore arrived at the state Capitol building with a water tanker filled with the disgusting water. On the side of the tanker was written “Flint Water,” and Moore called on Gov. Rick Snyder to drink it.

‘Gov. Snyder, drink the water.’

You can bet the reason behind Moore’s action, along with a documentary project, is related to the fact that Snyder recently ended a free bottled water service. Claims have been made that testing reveals lead levels are below the allowed limits.

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In 2014, Snyder promised he would drink “filtered” water from Flint for a month, and even President Barack Obama drank a glass of filtered Flint water.

However, it’s hard to trust a government that covered up an egregious act such as poisoning their own people.

So, would Snyder drink the water from Flint now? That remains to be seen and the level of trust the people of Michigan hold in their government is decimated.

It reminds one of an episode of The Simpsons. When Mr. Burns runs for governor, he has a sure shot at winning. Of course, the reasoning behind his campaign was so he could change nuclear power plant regulations to benefit him. In an attempt to look like the common man, he attends a dinner at his employee Homer Simpson’s home. All questions are scripted.

Lisa, the daughter of Homer, takes great issue with this and feels as if they are selling their soul. Marge, who follows everything the campaign asked her to do, served up a three-eyed fish that was pulled out of the river where the power plant dumped nuclear waste.

After finally chewing a piece of the fish, Mr. Burns spit it out, and his shot at governorship was ruined because he wouldn’t partake of the fish from a river in Springfield.

Snyder, drink the water. Show us and the people of your state you trust it.

Featured image by Noam Galai/Getty Images.