BREAKING: His Secret Is Out; Sean Hannity Exposed In $90,000,000 Shell Company Scandal


Michael Cohen’s criminal investigation case just got a whole lot more interesting. The court has known that Cohen had represented Donald Trump and disgraced former GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy, but they weren’t aware of who his third mystery client was. Well last week Cohen’s lead attorney was forced to tell the judge who Cohen’s third client is…and the attorney admitted that it’s Sean Hannity. Cohen had been representing Hannity in deals to purchase foreclosed homes through top secret shell companies that Hannity owns.

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Fox News host, and Herman Munster look-a-like, Sean Hannity.(Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

All of the shell companies have similar names and they all have something to do with the initials of Hannity’s children. To date his secret shell companies have spent $90 million buying more than 870 foreclosed homes across the U.S, often getting help from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Guardian reported Sunday. All of the properties are in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont. The head of HUD, Ben Carson, recently approved increasing Hannity’s original $17.9 million mortgage on properties in Georgia by an extra $5 million.

Hannity did not let his bosses or his viewers know that he was doing personal business with HUD when he had Carson on his show last June. It makes Hannity look like a corrupt or dirty reporter every time he refuses to disclose a conflict of interest with either, guests he has on his show, or reporting on matters in which he has a personal stake. If Rachel Maddow did something like this Hannity would spend an endless amount of hours blathering from the rooftop that MSNBC should fire her. It’s too bad he has no scruples and is content to sit behind his desk and mislead the American people night after night.

Hannity used to criticize President Obama all the time because there were so many foreclosures in the U.S, saying in 2016 there were “millions more Americans suffering under this president.” It’s pretty ironic that on one hand Hannity was running down the sitting president about foreclosures, but on the other hand he was having his top secret shell companies buying up the properties of those very same suffering Americans. The way he operates is just disgusting.

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