Obama Announces His New Workshop On Racial Tolerance – Trump Flies Into Full Rager


At some point in the not too distant future, Americans may have to tell their children stories about presidents with good hearts and a desire to reach out to people in need across the world. After all, children who may only remember Trump or people like him as the leader of the free world will never know how a great president really operated.

As Trump sits in the White House after referring to African countries as “sh*tholes,” President Obama is following a tradition of Democratic presidents who have been a force for good after leaving office. Bill Clinton began the Clinton Foundation, a global initiative for humanitarian aid. Jimmy Carter founded Habitat for Humanity, working tirelessly to provide affordable housing to first-time homeowners who may not have had the opportunity without the organization.

President Obama plans to go to South Africa to continue the mission began by Nelson Mandela. According to The New York Times:

‘Mr. Obama is inaugurating his most significant international project as an ex-president, with an announcement on Monday that the Obama Foundation plans to convene 200 young people this July in Johannesburg for five days of meetings, workshops and technical training.

‘At the same time, Mr. Obama will deliver a lecture to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, whom he eulogized after his death five years ago by saying he “makes me want to be a better man.”’

Former speechwriter and current adviser to President Obama, Benjamin Rhodes, said:

‘It gives him an opportunity to lift up a message of tolerance, inclusivity and democracy at a time when there are obviously challenges to Mandela’s legacy around the world.’

Rhodes said that while Obama has no intentions of naming Trump directly in his speech, he is not afraid to directly address Trump’s divisive, nationalistic policies.

‘There’s an enhanced sense of tribalism in the world. Our unifying theory is that the best way to promote inclusive and democratic societies is by empowering young people in civil society.’

The Obama Foundation in South Africa plans to train a generation of future leaders who may use what they learn to seek “roles in government, civil society and the private sector” to fight against a growing threat of nationalism across the world.

Well beyond his terms as president, Obama is working to spread peace and civic responsibility to youth across the world while Trump watches Fox & Friends and tweets insults to spread divisiveness and nationalism among his followers.

Featured image via Getty/James D. Morgan