BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Rocked By Mueller Document Grab During FBI Raid


Perhaps one of the biggest revelations of Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, initially came after evidence emerged that Donald Trump Jr. and others connected to the campaign had met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer who promised them damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Since then, Trump Jr. became a focal point of Mueller’s inquiry, as the special counsel has continued to dig deeper in order to uncover more specific details regarding what occurred during the meeting, and if any foul play would indicate illicit activity.

Although news about the meeting had begun to dwindle, recent reports have now re-sparked Mueller’s interest in the interaction, as details regarding Mueller’s raid of former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s home may present a clearer picture as to what happened during the meeting. According to an article on Law and Crime:

‘Manafort has been fighting to suppress any evidence collected in the raid, and Mueller is now arguing that investigators acted properly pursuant to a warrant that specified exactly why they were there and what they were looking for. In addition to offenses related to Manafort’s work in Ukraine (for which he is currently facing charges), Mueller’s team was also apparently looking for evidence related to Donald Trump Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016.’

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In the court filing that took place Monday, Mueller claimed that he and his team were in search of certain records, documents, or other files that would involve insight into any other attendees of the infamous meeting, in an attempt to give them a more comprehensive understanding of how things happened.

The raid that took place last July was in response to a Manafort employee providing the special counsel with insight regarding the former campaign manager’s tendency to take his work home with him. The former employee told officials that Manafort consistently used a home office, and that he had observed certain documents that may be of interest to Mueller’s team. Thus, armed with this new insight, the special counsel found legal precedent to raid Manafort’s home to gain access to the alleged documents.

Whereas Trump Jr. may have been hoping for Mueller to hit a wall in regards to evidence about the Trump Tower meeting, the new revelations may indicate that the president’s eldest son is, yet again, back in the crosshairs of the investigation. President Trump has been attempting to discredit not only the allegations of collusion, but more so the special counsel’s inquiry as a whole. However, the proof of Trump Jr.’s meeting itself, and the range of attendees, is enough evidence to show that interactions nevertheless occurred.

As Mueller and his team analyze the new range of documents found at Manafort’s home, and the former campaign manager continues to try and suppress the evidence found at his home, it is clear that something of substance may very well exist, despite the ongoing claims by Trump and his family to delegitimize the inquiry. Only time will tell when the details of the meeting are finally revealed, and the extent of collusion is discovered.

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