Maryland GOP Signs Series Of Gun Control Bills – Americans Lose Their Collective Sh*t


In recent months, the conversation surrounding more comprehensive gun control laws has grown immensely as gun violence continues to be on the rise, and a new wave of activism has erupted. In addition to pro-gun control lawmakers pushing for more effective legislation, young student activists around the country have risen up to demand that the federal government takes meaningful action to curb the all too common mass shootings taking place in the United States. With this new push for gun control taking the nation, and world, by storm, it is clear that those who remain opponents of gun control are starting to feel the heat from their constituents.

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Specifically, many GOP leaders have found it difficult to sever ties with the gun lobbies that provide a significant portion of their campaign funding, leading to pushback on any proposed legislation to implement stricter gun laws. However, one recent example provides insight into the practicality of passing simple commonsense gun laws, those of which act as a step in the right direction to decrease the frequency of shootings in the country.

On Tuesday, Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland signed into law a series of bills that were aimed at addressing the growing gun control challenges, praising the legislation as being a logical way to establish safer and more secure communities. According to a report from the Huffington Post:

‘The legislation includes a ban on bump stocks and other similar devices that allow semi-automatic firearms to simulate automatic fire. Another bill expands law enforcement’s ability to confiscate guns from individuals labeled an “extreme risk,” a measure known as a “red flag” law…

‘In the signing ceremony, Hogan hailed the new laws as “common sense bipartisan measures that will keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and those with criminal backgrounds.'”

In addition to the gun control legislation, the series of bills also included the allocation of roughly $5 million to be used for community-based and public health-related gun violence prevention programs, aimed at better educating the community regarding how to recognize and handle potential gun violence suspicions.

The move by the Maryland governor is a display of bipartisan measures that can help decrease the sheer volume of mass shootings in the United States, and is an addition to the already strict gun laws that exist in the state. In 2013, Maryland also implemented a ban on semi-automatic weapons including AR-15s and AK-47s, while simultaneously prohibiting high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Hogan has remained an outspoken advocate of commonsense gun laws around the country, coming out against Trump’s proposed plan to arm teachers following the Parkland, FL, shooting, instead pushing for policies that would fund school safety measures.

Hogan’s ability to put party politics aside in an attempt to ensure a safe and secure state is a prime example for current Republican lawmakers, sending a signal that party loyalty holds no place when it comes to the lives of innocent people. With the midterm elections creeping closer, it would behoove GOP candidates and incumbents to take a page out of Hogan’s book, and show a willingness to implement bipartisan gun control measures.

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