Trump Just Forced Melania To Hold His Hand On Camera Like An Abusive Husband (VIDEO)


Perhaps Melania Trump is just completely done with being used as a pretty prop for her husband’s massive ego. Perhaps she’s fed up with the humiliation as the world learns of his repeated affairs during her recovery after childbirth. Perhaps she is beginning to realize what the rest of the country has known since the beginning of Trump’s birtherism campaign: that her husband is an embarrassment to everyone with any sense.

Whatever the reason, the first lady once again rebuffed Trump’s attempts to put on a show in front of the world. Four times as Trump stood in front of cameras next to the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, Brigitte, Trump nudged Melania’s hand while she refused to hold his. Finally, he simply grabbed her hand as she continued looking straight ahead, stone-faced and unsmiling.

This wouldn’t be the first time Melania has rejected Trump’s attempts at showing affection in front of the world. In a video that went viral during the Trumps visit to Israel, the president reached back to hold his wife’s hand only to have his own hand slapped away on camera.

On Inauguration Day, it was also noted that while Trump turned to speak to his wife, she smiled and put on a pleasant face. As soon as he turned away, she gave a death stare to the back of his head.

The first lady’s rebuffs of her cheating husband have become something of a norm as well as an ongoing source of amusement. She doesn’t seem to enjoy being led around by the hand or being forced into shows of affection, not that Trump, the man who “just starts kissing [women],” and doesn’t “even wait” for their consent, seems to care.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg