Trump’s Love Of Foreign Dictators Reaches All New Levels With Comments On Kim Jong Un


It’s no secret that Trump seems to have a fondness for foreign dictators. Whether or not Russia has any dirt on Trump that they’ve used to keep him cooperative and complimentary to President Vladimir Putin, his admiration for the man who poisons expatriates and allows “purges” of LGBTQ people is disturbing. Instead of rebuking him for those actions, Trump called him “a strong leader.”

On Tuesday, however, Trump’s comments on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un are even more alarming. The man Trump once referred to as “Little Rocket Man” and a “maniac” is now, according to the U.S. president, “honorable.”

Now that Trump has sent an as-yet-unconfirmed secretary of state to talk to North Korea and wants to brag about the progress he’s made in talks with the foreign dictator, the man who promised “fire and fury like the world has never seen” against the dictator believes him when he promises to denuclearize and praises his honor because his bragging about the progress he’s made is criticized by those who say that North Korea often makes promises and then fails to follow through.

This “honorable” man is widely known to have ordered the murder of his own brother in order to protect his seat of power. This was not an isolated incident, either.

‘After Kim assumed supreme leadership of North Korea, he reportedly executed or removed many senior officials that he had inherited from his father’s regime. Among those purged was his own uncle, Jang Song-thaek (also known as Chang Sŏng-t’aek), who is believed to have played an important role during Kim Kim Jong-il’s rule and had been considered one of Kim Jong-un’s top advisers.’

Additionally, Kim Jong-un had made regular threats against the United States. In December, he was quoted in his New Year’s speech to his country as saying:

‘The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, and a nuclear button is always on my desk.’

2018-04-24-12_18_38-Donald-J.-Trump-on-Twitter_-_North-Korean-Leader-Kim-Jong-Un-just-stated-that-th Trump's Love Of Foreign Dictators Reaches All New Levels With Comments On Kim Jong Un Donald Trump Featured Foreign Policy Politics Top Stories

It’s astounding how quickly Trump’s worldview changes into anything that most suits his need to promote himself and his own perceived accomplishments.

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