BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues Permanent Injunction Against Donald Trump (DETAILS)


Since taking office last year, one thing that has become blatantly clear to President Donald Trump is that simply holding the office of president does not mean you can get away with anything you want, especially when those things are detrimental to the fabric of American society. Whether through his initially proposed Muslim immigration ban, or his attempt to bar transgender individuals from serving actively in the military, the courts have been quick to put Trump in his place in regards to his clearly divisive agenda. Just earlier this week a third federal judge who was ruling on Trump’s attempt to repeal DACA made it fairly obvious that the administration’s groundless arguments will by no means be sufficient to rollback such a major program.

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Coming on the heels of the DACA blow, another court ruling was made on Tuesday in regards to the Trump administration’s hope to defund Planned Parenthood grants, a move that will inevitably send a clear signal to the president. In doing so, a federal judge put forth a permanent injunction against cutting short the grants given to Planned Parenthood, which Trump had hoped to end two years prior to the designated end of the program.

According to an article from The Spokesman-Review:

‘A federal judge in Spokane issued a permanent injunction Tuesday preventing the Trump administration from cutting grants to Planned Parenthood that pay for a teen pregnancy prevention program in Western states.

‘”The court finds that HHS arbitrarily and capriciously terminated the TPP Program,” Rice wrote in his decision filed at about 5:30 p.m. “The court determines that the public interest weighs in favor of (Planned Parenthood), as it would prevent harm to the community … and prevent loss of data regarding the effectiveness of teen pregnancy prevention.”‘

The lawsuit was initially brought forward by Planned Parenthood last summer, after the administration arbitrarily put an end to 81 organization grants. Whereas the program supplying the grants was scheduled to continue until expiring in 2020, the Trump administration made claims that they would be ending the grants in 2018, citing a lack of effectiveness in the program.

However, perhaps the administration was not so focused on the efficacy of the grants themselves, but rather aimed to target those who rolled out the program to begin with. The grants program was created under former President Barack Obama’s administration, and if there is one goal that Trump has made clear he wants to accomplish, it is that of dismantling any shred of progress or legacy left behind by Obama. However, whereas he may have been successful in chopping away at other Obama-era legislation, Judge Thomas Rice sent a clear message that this program would remain intact.

The ruling coming out of Spokane means that the Trump administration has no legal grounds to end the grants program, and will be forced to honor the obligation to Planned Parenthood until 2020.

Fortunately, in these troubling and concerning times, federal courts around the country have reminded citizens that no man’s agenda is above the rule of law, and any attempt to undermine the basic rights of individuals living in America will be swiftly shot down.

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