W.H. Goes Silent; Accuser Makes $10,000 Trump Prostitution Announcement (DETAILS)


Since the beginning of the Stormy Daniels case, there has been much speculation regarding a variety of issues. These include such things as whether or not Donald Trump knew about the payment to Daniels by his personal attorney Michael Cohen, the extent of involvement by the Trump campaign team in attempting to cover up the story, as well as the claims that Donald Trump would be willing to pay for sexual intercourse. Many of these things, some of which jeopardizing his ability to remain in office, have continued to be denied by the Trump White House, despite the array of suspicions that have arisen.

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As the Daniels case has grown and expanded into a point of importance regarding the Trump presidency, one other individual has spoken out not only to corroborate that Daniels story is true, but also to provide insight into her own interactions with the now-president. Jessica Drake, an adult film star, appeared in her first live TV interview with Ari Melber on MSNBC on Monday, claiming that President Trump did attempt to pay her money in return for sex, which would be undercutting the president’s rebuttal of the Steele Dossier that alleged he was involved with Russian prostitutes. Detailed in Jim Comey’s memos, the president allegedly claimed that he would never pay for sex, but Drake’s remarks may provide insight that such remarks were fabricated.

In the live interview with MSNBC, the attorney representing Jessica Drake, Gloria Allred, made it fairly clear that her client was not making direct allegations that the president was exchanging money for sexual intercourse, but rather that it seemed that way. In the interview, Allred stated that:

‘Jessica is not saying that he said, specifically, this $10,000, if in fact that is what he said, is for sex. But, apparently, that was for her to come up to his hotel room. So I guess everybody can draw their own conclusions from that. It certainly does look suspicious.’

Melber then played a clip from October of 2016, in which Trump responded to the allegations made against him by the array of women that had come forward against him. In the clip, Trump claims that every single woman who came out during his campaign not only lied about their stories, but that they were total fabrications against him, and that the events that they were speaking of never happened. He then directly calls them “liars”, and states that each of them will be sued following the end of the election.

Allred outlined that in previous attempts by the president to defame her clients, the courts allowed for a defamation case to be pursued, despite the fact that Trump felt his power as president made him immune to such cases. As more information emerges around not only the claims made by the array of women against Trump, but also the seemingly false rebuttals against the Steele Dossier, more questions arise as to whether or not the president would be willing to pay for sexual intercourse, and if so, whether the interactions with Russian prostitutes ever did actually occur.

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