Judge Hands Down Voter ID Ruling – President Trump’s Weekend Golf Plans Ruined


If it weren’t for gerrymandering and corrupt voter ID laws, Republicans would be hard pressed to ever win an election fair and square. Of course they’d still win in some of the red states, no matter what they did, but overall their dirty tactics have paid off for them in some blue and purple states. But that time may be coming to an end, as the law is beginning to take notice of what Republicans are doing, and it’s not very happy with them.

For instance today the Associated Press reported that a judge in red state Arkansas blocked a voter ID law, that is nearly the same as another state rule that was struck down as unconstitutional four years ago. Pulaski County Circuit Judge Alice Gray granted a preliminary injunction barring the unconstitutional law from taking effect less than a month before the Arkansas primary which takes place on May 22nd.

 ‘Gray called the measure an unconstitutional attempt to impose additional requirements to vote, siding with a Little Rock voter who challenged the law.’

She wrote that the plaintiff would face irreparable harm if his ballot was not counted in the primary, and she’s corrected about that. Having the right to vote in this country is one of our bedrock rights. If the government allows one party to take away our right to choose our own representation, then could we really continue to call ourselves a “free” nation? I think not.

It’s refreshing to see the law stand up for our rights for a change. Too strong voter ID laws are intended to take away the rights off the poor and citizens of color. Republicans are trampling on the rights those people and it’s great that the law is putting a stop to their dirty right wing tactics.

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