Private Email Server Scandal Rocks The W.H. As Trump Spirals Into Complete Chaos


Jared Kushner is credited with winning Trump the 2016 election, and for good reason. However, many are unaware as to just how far Kushner was willing to go to land his father-in-law in the White House.

Trump’s senior White House adviser and son-in-law was reportedly the mastermind behind a “stealth data machine” used to target voters and land President Trump in the Oval Office.

According to reports from political pundit and Twitter user Tea Pain, who recently created a website to share more of his political analyses amidst increasing scandals at which the Trump administration has found itself at the center of, traced the use of the server and discovered a lot more than just emails back and forth to Russian banks.

According to a data analysis from Tea Pain, Trump Tower, Spectrum Health, and Russia’s Alfa Bank had some rather suspicious connections going on during the 2016 election. Tea Pain reports:

‘Once the activity was charted, a pattern emerged.  For example, a connection is made from Alfa Bank to Trump Tower, which may last anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes or more, followed by a longer “sleep” period.  When averaged over months, these events charted an average time between connections to be 3660 seconds, or 1 hour and 1 minute.  Whatever was running, it would hook up, transfer data for a few minutes, then go to sleep for an hour. This was the clue that led Tea Pain to formulate a much clearer working model to explain what we were all seeing: SQL Server Database Replication between multiple sites.’

Database Replication, which is “when you have a database with millions of records representing hundreds of gigbytes of data, and you would like to keep a copy of that database housed in 2 or more locations, it makes no sense to continually copy the entire database from point A to point B every time a change is made, so you “replicate” it.” Essentially, Trump Tower, the Devos’ family owned Spectrum Health, and Russia’s Alfa Bank were able to replicate the same data, leading Tea Pan to draw the following jaw-dropping conclusion:

‘Tea Pain’s working theory is that Russia created a voter targeting database with information gleaned from hacked DNC data rolls and other data rolls ‘acquired’ from other states to feed this growing contact database. That database originated at Russian Intelligence which was in turn replicated to Russia’s Alfa Bank. This is where the ‘data laundering’ takes place, Alfa Bank is the pivot point where the FSB’s data fingerprints are wiped clean. Ironically Russia launders its data at the same place it launders its money.’

Tea Pain goes on to point out that “we don’t know what was in these data packets; that info is beyond our purview at this time, but ask yourself a simple question and you find your answer: “What do Trump Tower, the Devos Family and the Russians all have in common?  A desire for Donald Trump to be President of the United States.”

Featured Image via Getty Images/POOL.