Obscene Message Projected Onto Trump’s DC Hotel Has Donald Glued To Fox News


Flashback to the 2016 presidential campaigns: Donald Trump sat for a press conference an hour before a presidential debate that was supposed to cover issues like the economy, foreign policy, and domestic policy. At the press conference table were also three women who have accused President Bill Clinton, the husband of Trump’s political campaign rival, of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. All three women insisted that Hillary Clinton “enabled” her husband’s sexual abuse and helped to cover it up.

Trump’s message was clear: a vote for Hillary would put an accused rapist in the White House as America’s first husband. Clinton lost that election (although she won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes), in large part due to salacious claims such as the ones Trump made. There’s still an accused rapist in the White House, except this one sits in the Oval Office and has the gall to declare April 2018 as “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”

Newsweek reports that a social network company called Care 2, who projected the words “there’s a rapist in the White House” on the side of Trump’s DC hotel, in addition to other messages, said:

‘We felt that the accusations of sexual assault were strong enough to call him what he is: a rapist in the White House. And we felt that in light of how morally unfit he is to be a leader of our country, the call to impeach him is the correct move.’


The messages scroll to read: “There is a rapist in the White House. Donald Trump harassed or assaulted 20 women. Morally unfit. Trump is a serial sexual assaulter. Groper-in-Chief. Impeach trump.”

The president is currently accused by 20 women of groping, non-consensual touching, and even pedophilia. One rape accuser, who has declined to go public after she and her children received death threats ahead of a planned press conference, says that Trump raped her while at a party hosted by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when she was just thirteen years old.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg