Trump Ditches W.H. Correspondents’ Dinner To Make Threats About Shutting Down Govt


On Saturday, Mr. Trump spoke at a campaign style rally in Michigan, touting what he deems to be accomplishments in hopes of maintaining and drumming up more support for the 2020 election. However, the president missed another important annual event to make his speaking engagement.

Although Mr. Trump was invited to attend the White House correspondents’ dinner, he chose not to attend it for the second year in a row. During the rally, Trump said:

‘You may have heard I was invited to another event tonight — the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but I’d much rather be in Washington, Michigan, than in Washington, DC right now. That I can tell you.’

Over the course, Trump attacked Democratic Senators John Tester (MT) and Debbie Stabenow (MI) who are running for reelection this year, and discussed his domestic agenda for the year. Regarding talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he said:
‘We’ll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks.’
The president also called on his supporters to:
‘elect more Republicans so we can protect our cities, defend our borders, grow our economy, and continue to make America great again.’
He went on to say:
‘The Democrats don’t care about our military. They don’t, and they don’t care about our borders, and I don’t think they care much about crime. … Nancy Pelosi and her gang, they’ve got to be voted out of office.’
Regarding Senator Stabenow, Trump said:
‘(He) wants people to flow into the country. And you people just keep putting her back again, and again, and again. It’s your fault. So you gotta get to the poll.’
One of the largest issues Trump spouted about was border security, which he has continued to pound in hopes of getting his way in terms of the wall, and even threatened to shut down the government over it. He said:
‘We need security. We need the wall. We come up again on September 28th, and if we don’t get border security, we’ll have no choice. We’ll close down the country because we need border security.’

According to CNN:
‘Last month, Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending package that will keep the government funded through the end of September.
In his speech, the President touched on counterterrorism efforts, saying the US has “really wiped out ISIS,” and praised the armed forces, saying, “there’s no military like we have.”‘
Continuing his bold-faced lies, Trump said:
‘Nobody in the first year of office has done what we’ve done. Regulations, tax cuts, judges, you look at what we’ve done, nobody has done what we’ve done. … After years of rebuilding other countries, we’re finally going to rebuild our country. It’s about time.’
CNN reported:
‘While Trump warned that in the pursuit of better trade deals, there might be some “problems” in the “short term,” he vowed that in the “long term you’re going to be so happy, we’re going to get it opened up, or we’re not doing business with these other countries.”‘
Before Trump, the last president to miss the White House correspondents’ dinner was Reagan in 1981 and he did not attend because he was recovering from an assassination attempt. He did deliver remarks by phone. The White House put out a statement saying they had informed the White House Correspondents’ Association that the president would not be attending the dinner. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders planned to attend the event to represent the administration.
The White House stated that Trump:
‘will actively encourage members of the executive branch to attend and join us as we celebrate the First Amendment.’
Watch the stellar speech Obama gave at the 2016 White House correspondents’ dinner:

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Trump’s speech:
Featured image is a screenshot from ABC News