A Thousand Fabulous Drag Queens Announce Plan To Ruin Trump’s London Trip (DETAILS)


During the 2016 presidential election, now “President” Donald Trump promised the LGBTQ community that they had a friend in Trump, and he would protect them. He swore Democratic contender Hillary Clinton would do more to harm the LGBTQ community. Indeed, he held up a rainbow flag that had “LGBT for Trump” across the front of it.

619309866 A Thousand Fabulous Drag Queens Announce Plan To Ruin Trump's London Trip (DETAILS) Activism Donald Trump Featured LGBT Top Stories
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

The problem is his promises were all LIES. He chose what is probably the most anti-LGBTQ politician to be his vice president, and his administration has been destroying the rights of LGBTQ people, which were rights they had worked decades for.

Vox reported back in January on just how bad Trump’s first year in office was for the LGBTQ community. The biggest take away from their report was the reminder that Trump tried to ban transgender individuals from joining the U.S. military, even though many had already served for years and saw deployments and action in the Middle East. Vox also reported:

‘It has nominated people to the courts and elsewhere who have anti-LGBTQ records. It has directed its army of federal lawyers to take the anti-LGBTQ side in court cases. And it has done some extraordinarily petty things, like refusing to recognize Pride Month.’

It’s not just the LGBTQ community in America that is appalled. Across the world, people are shaking their heads in disgust at what Trump is pulling, and one group is planning to meet him head-on in London to protest his anti-LGBTQ agenda.

LGBTQ Nation reported 1,000 drag queens will be protesting Trump’s U.K. visit to London.

‘A thousand people have signed onto a Facebook invitation for a drag-queen protest to greet the president in London on July 13. Another nearly 7,000 people are interested in attending.’

The details of the event read:

‘Calling all drag kings, queens, queers and our allies to march against President Donald Trumps UK visit.

‘Due to the appalling way the Trump administration has regarded the rights and welfare of LGBTQI communities of the US, the idea of a Trump visit to the UK is unacceptable.

‘Let’s get visible, stand with our sister’s, brothers and others in America, and show that we are a country that celebrates diversity.’

The event is set to happen on July 13 and last from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m. The event is being hosted by Cheddar Gorgeous, who is a performer in Manchester, along with four others.

The event page also featured a fabulous image of Trump in drag.

Screen-Shot-2018-05-01-at-12.16.51-PM A Thousand Fabulous Drag Queens Announce Plan To Ruin Trump's London Trip (DETAILS) Activism Donald Trump Featured LGBT Top Stories

In an editorial written for the Guardian, Gorgeous explained the need for the protest.

‘It feels as if the Trump administration seeks to use diversity as the scapegoat on which America is apparently made great again … and, to top it off, he failed to recognise pride month. When Donald Trump visits the UK on 13 July, I am helping to coordinate a group who will stage a protest in drag. This is to increase awareness of the way Trump’s administration has systematically attacked the LGBTQI community and to stand in solidarity with the many other groups who feel marginalised along lines of race, class and gender. To not object to the visit would seem like a betrayal of the tolerant society that the UK as a whole strives to be.’

23561562_704068056469978_156311953809635998_n-1 A Thousand Fabulous Drag Queens Announce Plan To Ruin Trump's London Trip (DETAILS) Activism Donald Trump Featured LGBT Top Stories
Cheddar Gorgeous. Image via Facebook.

The protest, most likely, won’t do anything to change the minds of Trump or the bigoted cronies who run his administration. However, the American LGBTQ community needs to see that others support them even when their own country has turned its back on them. It’s going to be fabulous.

You can check out a video of Gorgeous performing along with “Donna Trump” showing up and taking the stage below.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images.