JUST IN:Donald Trump Announces Deplorable New Hire; Swamp Begins To Overflow


It looks as if all the attorneys are jumping the not-so-good ship Donald Trump. First, lead attorney Ty Cobb announced that he was retiring near the end of the month. Now, we find out that a second attorney is trying to escape.

Former New York City mayor, and huge Trump fan, Rudy Giuliani, just came onboard the president’s legal team. He said that he would primarily function in a PR role, then the 49 questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have wanted Trump to answer leaked. Did Giuliani manage that, or was it someone else on the legal team?

Then, a former President Bill Clinton (D) impeachment attorney, Emmet Flood, climbed into the act. He comes from a top-level Washington, D.C. law firm and is a real fighter. With Giuliani and Flood, it appears that Trump is ready for a big fight with the special counsel investigating the Russian attack on the 2016 presidential election and possible Trump campaign conspiracy.

Now, it seems that White House Counsel Don McGahn has wanted out for a while. Although, the president has had no trouble sending people on their way, he appeared to wants McGahn to stick around.

Two sources told Above The Law that the White House counsel has wanted to return to his former day job with the Jones Day law firm. Remember, McGahn was the one who threatened to quit if Trump insisted on firing Mueller. That stilled 45  temporarily.

McGahn has told associates he would like to be gone by this summer, but the midterm elections may interfere with his plans. One source said:

‘I think it’s all up in the air. I think he’d like to quit very much. The president doesn’t want him to quit. The president wants him to stay. I don’t think he knows who will replace him.’

Everyone who walks through Trump’s White House doors walks out wounded and with a six-figure legal bill. McGahn has not escaped severe injuries either. According to the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics:

‘(Don McGahn) is a cancer who has done much to undermine anticorruption mechanisms in this country… He drove the federal election commission into a ditch to undermine our election laws. He did a direct assault on the ethics program and now we’re learning he attacked the Department of Justice.’

Featured Image via Getty Images/Alex Wong.