Pro-Hitler Republican Running For State Senate Hopes For A Future ‘Free From Jews’


Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) will be running for re-election, and a pro-Nazi GOP contender hopes to beat her. He admires Adolf Hitler and wants a country “free from Jews.” Now, you’re probably saying, “It’s no big deal. He’ll never win.” The thing is, people thought that Donald Trump would never  win, either.

Patrick Little, 33, thought it would be a grand idea to deport all Jewish Americans to Israel. The candidate also denied that Hitler committed genocide against the Jews in World War II, and claimed that he not was the military aggressor.

Last year, Little attended a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA. During the event, a member of the group ran down a peaceful protester with his car and killed her.

Little said:

‘I’m not an advocate of turning the whole United States into what Richard Spencer would call an ethnostate. I’m a fan of balkanization.’

Balkanization is the belief that the nation should be divided up into small nation-states. Many neo-Nazis support this theory, because those nation-states would be along racial or cultural divides.

Communications director for the California Republican Party, Matt Fleming, told Newsweek:

‘Mr. Little has never been an active member of our party. I do not know Mr. Little and I am not familiar with his positions. But in the strongest terms possible, we condemn anti-Semitism and any other form of religious bigotry, just as we do with racism, sexism or anything else that can be construed as a hateful point of view.’

Little appeared to believe that so-called “Jewish policies” hurt whites, and Jewish people were trying to “trying to destroy whites” in this country. He wanted a quota that would limit the number of Jewish people working in government and the school systems.

He also went much further, stating that he wanted Jews deported to Israel by use of “force,” if necessary.

‘State has to use force. If things are law, they have to be enforced. And ultimately government—that is the threat of force.’

Professor of political sciences at the University of California in Los Angeles, Matt Barreto, told Newsweek:

‘There’s been no campaign to speak of. All the discussion has been between Feinstein and [Democratic challenger] Kevin de León. I don’t believe that this candidate has much outreach.’

Newsweek also reported that Professor of Holocaust studies at the University of Florida’s Center for Jewish Studies, Norman J.W. Goda, said:

‘It suggests that he could sort of pierce this veil that hides this reality for us. It presupposes that anyone else can awaken…These (Little’s) were the kind of things that the Nazis were saying during the 1920s.’

However, Little does not stand alone in the field of political anti-Semitism within the 2018 election. Arthur Jones, 70, is running for Illinois’ Third Congressional District. Jones represents the GOP in this race.

In addition, anti-Semitic Wisconsin Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen will be running. Both Little and Nehlen reference Kevin MacDonald’s book Culture of Critique. The author views Jewish people as a “scheming enemy of Western civilization,” according to Newsweek.

Nehlen appeared on David Duke’s radio show in February. Duke is a white supremacist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Carston Koall.