Michael Avenatti Responds To Trump’s FBI/Nazi Comparison On Twitter & It’s Everything


Our disgraced president sure seems to have a lot of thorns in his side nowadays. He has a hard time going even one day without bad news popping up around him. Of course all the bad things are happening because of his own mouth or actions. Take the fact that he hired Rudy Giuliani for instance. Giuliani has caused nothing but embarrassment and further scrutiny to surround Trump from day one. Just a few days after Trump hired him, Giuliani went on Fox and Friends and accidentally told the truth about Trump and the Stormy Daniels hush money payoff, and the fact that Trump fired James Comey because of the Russia investigation.

Now Giuliani has stepped in it again by saying that the officers of the FBI are stormtroopers, which is a Nazi reference. Michael Avenatti wasn’t too happy with Giuliani’s statement, and called for an apology for the agents of our nation’s foremost law enforcement agency.

No one should hold their breath waiting for Giuliani to apologize though, because he’s known for his wild, inflammatory rantings and he’s yet to apologize for anything yet. Giuliani used to be a respected member of the government but has gone off the rails, mentally speaking, in the last ten years or so. When President Obama was in office he routinely blamed him for the racism that has divided our country, and he also used to blame Hillary Clinton for every terrorist attack under the sun. Giuliani is as much of a disgrace to this country as Donald Trump is, and both of them should be ashamed of themselves for trying to bring this great nation to its knees.

The Twitterverse sure had fun with Avenatti’s post today.

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