Waffle House Shooting Hero Calls Out Trump For Not Reaching Out To Him & It’s Awesome


The disgraced president of the United States sure loves to praise those he thinks are heroes. He usually comes out with quick statements of praise when someone does something that grabs his attention. The people he likes to praise are movie stars, big investors to his campaign, dictators, authoritarians, accused rapists, alleged child predators or white supremacists. It’s nothing for him to seek an audience with these people. So it’s unfortunate that he’s been unable to find the time to contact the man who single-handedly, and while unarmed, stopped the Waffle House shooting.

James Shaw Jr. told CNN’s Van Jones today that he hasn’t heard a peep from Trump, but said that it was possible he missed the call or that Trump just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Hopefully Shaw isn’t holding his breath waiting for that call to come through. If Shaw was white Trump probably would have been on Air Force One and on his way to Tennessee fifteen minutes after the incident came to its conclusion. But Shaw is African American, and unfortunately, in Trump’s opinion, it appears that only white people, and those who have never been captured by the enemy, qualify as heroes.

The White House claims that it’s tried to contact him, but Shaw had this to say.

‘I haven’t heard anything, but that’s not to say he didn’t try to contact me, or not. I know he has a busy agenda, a busy schedule. Maybe he just hasn’t got around to me. Maybe my time is coming.’

The 29 year old Shaw sounds like a gracious man. Let’s hope that Donald Trump does what’s right and gets in contact with him. One can imagine that if Shaw were white Trump most likely would not have only called him by now, but he would have even offered him a cabinet position in his administration.

Featured Image via Getty Images