Trump Finishes Sunday Brunch, Gets Online, & Live Tweets Inner Thoughts Like A Madman


Donald Trump has dropped all pretense of wanting to unify the country; in fact, he won’t even attempt to heal the divide in his own political party. There is not only no room left to disagree with Trump in the GOP, there is no room even for praise that doesn’t sufficiently stroke their leader’s ego.

Thanks to Trump and his appeal to the least tolerant among American voters, every member of the GOP that does not blindly support Trump is branded an evil liberal and a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), once beloved by Republican voters who elected him as the party’s choice for presidential candidate, is the object of disdain. Jeff Sessions, who has been unable under the law to bend to Trump’s wishes, is excoriated on Fox News and by the Republican president who appointed him. Now, it’s Paul Ryan, and he didn’t even disagree with Trump, he just failed to worship him correctly.

The party who once billed itself as the moral majority and the party of family values has abandoned all support for any elected official who refuses to abandon their principles in favor of an adulterous, greedy, lying president who has stripped the party down to its worst elements: racism, sexism, xenophobia, and hatred.

In fact, any disagreement with Trump or failure to accept the idea that his rhetoric of supremacy is the new direction of the GOP. The concept of common sense Republicanism no longer exists; the choices are between extremism and charges of treason.

Twitter users with any sense called Trump out on his divisive rhetoric. See some of their best comments below:

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